Download sheet music
of the 13 Jewish
melodies from
"@ Your Service"

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Adon Olam

Eishet Chayil

Keil Adon

Keil Na

L'chu N'ran'nah

L'shanah Haba'ah

Lo Yisa

Mi HaIsh

Or Chadash

Oseh Shalom

Sim Shalom



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Jules Frankel's "@ Your Service" CD

Read Ron Ostroff's article about the CD debut
online at
The Jewish State website:
CD debut highlights Chavurah's Shabbat Shirah

Jules Frankel, who has been active in nationwide
Jewish music circles for years, has produced a new
CD, entitled
“@ Your Service”. The CD features
13 Jewish melodies that Frankel wrote to
accompany traditional liturgical prayers, including
“Sim Shalom”, “Oseh Shalom”, and “Or Chadash”,
many of which are used at the Chavurah’s services.
The CD is performed by Jules Frankel, Rabbi Marvin
Richardson, Maureen and Yael Richardson,
accompanied by Carl Hyman and Howard Wolfson.
Those who hear Frankel’s music describe it as
“beautifully uplifting and joyous”.

The CD was released to the public for the first time
at the
Shabbat Shirah Kumsitz, Saturday, February
18, 2006.

Chavurat Kol Haneshama will receive a portion of
the proceeds.

Send an e-mail to to
order a CD.
Jules Frankel's
"@ Your Service" CD